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Making A Difference With Mederi Center®

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Making A Difference

The Mederi Center® is a nonprofit clinic, research, and education organization in Ashland, Oregon dedicated to optimizing health, promoting longevity, and improving the quality of life for those facing chronic diseases, especially cancer; and to provide a comprehensive approach toward changing the way healthcare is viewed and delivered for both individuals and institutions. 

Through the clinic, and education program for participating practitioners around the world, the Mederi Center® teaches its unique and internationally recognized wholistic Mederi Care® / ETMS model. This advanced unified medical system combines both traditional and modern medicine, research, and education with individually-tailored protocols of advanced botanical and nutritional formulations – along with personalized dietary and lifestyle guidelines to deliver consistently better patient outcomes that current standalone conventional medicine often seems unable to match.    

Through its fund-raising efforts, the Mederi Center® is able to: 

  • Help support the clinic
  • Support its onsite compounding apothecary whose unique 300+ extracts and protocols that help to make Mederi Care® so effective
  • Support and document ongoing clinical trials and case study research
  • Support, document, and disseminate important ongoing clinical trials results and case study research from around the world
  • Support education programs including the Mederi Academy – a global online academy that will offer a 2-year course in Mederi Medicine, which will provide accreditation for practitioners to ensure certain standards are met upon completion of the course  
  • Help support patient aid 
  • Support Mederi Care® lectures and workshops locally and around the world
  • Provide funding for vital resources such as publications, blogs, real-time online information exchange, Round Table Discussion Group forums for practitioners, and Mederi Academy course modules so other healthcare providers can benefit from our clinical experience and more

Discover more about the way Mederi Center is working to change healthcare through its program initiatives. >>

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