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Together We Can Change The Treatment of Cancer And Produce Better Outcomes

Mederi Center® has helped thousands of cancer patients enjoy productive and even cancer-free lives. Through our Mederi Clinic – and using our collaborative, wholistic treatment approach of Mederi Care alongside your current regimen of care – we are able to offer hope and freedom over fear of a devastating cancer experience…and provide a better chance for a life fully lived.

When the Mederi Care® medicine model is implemented at the onset of a diagnosis, the possibilities of eradicating cancer are higher, probabilities of survival are drastically improved, and living a healthy, meaningful life – spiritually, mentally, and physically – is suddenly a real possibility.

Mederi Center® is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving patients’ quality of life and outcomes in oncology and to transforming the way contemporary healthcare is viewed and delivered. Our wholistic Mederi Care® approach – also known as the Eclectic Triphasic Medical System (ETMS) – was developed by Mederi founder Donald Yance, and is at the forefront of leading-edge, integrative medicine, especially for people with cancer.

Giving to Mederi Center® supports our innovative model for cancer care, where our goal is to not only enhance a person’s chance of surviving cancer but to help them thrive. Your gift supports our commitment to a whole systems research, advanced integrative oncology training for health care providers, and comprehensive patient care utilizing the Mederi Medicine model. Please help support our vision of offering people all over the world a better chance.

Mederi’s Pioneering Programs for Advancing Personalized, Integrative Cancer Care

We provide expert guidance and deliver personalized botanical, nutritional, lifestyle, dietary, and naturopathic medicine protocols for patients through in-person or remote consults by specially trained, ETMS practitioners at Mederi Center® in Ashland, Oregon.

We train health care practitioners worldwide to successfully diagnose and manage a myriad of health conditions, especially cancer, through fundamental and advanced level education courses in the ETMS.

We document and publish case studies and coordinate clinical research trials with major medical institutions combining ETMS therapies with conventional medicine in order to validate the safety, benefits, and effectiveness of using botanical and nutritional medicine in combination with standard of care treatment for improving the quality of life for people with cancer.

Our Mission
To optimize health, promote longevity and improve the quality of life of those facing chronic diseases, especially cancer.

To provide a comprehensive, cost-effective approach toward the transformation of healthcare for individuals and institutions.

The Problem
Over the past 40 years, traditional medicine has made steady, yet slow advances in treating cancer. However, new breakthrough drugs are only extending lives by two to three months and mortality rates in Stage IV cancer have not improved. In addition, those who survive cancer often suffer debilitating symptoms from the illness itself or from the toxic treatments they undergo to fight the disease.

While there have been great discoveries in science regarding the mechanisms of cancer onset and progression, as well as targeted therapy, translating their findings into effective prevention and care strategies is still lagging behind. The standard course of treatment for most cancer still consists of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation, just as it did forty years ago.

More and more people are being diagnosed with and dying from cancer each year, including children. In 2010 over 1.5 million people were diagnosed with cancer. In 2014 it is estimated that close to 1.7 million people will be diagnosed with cancer and over half a million people will die from it.

The reality is that there is no simple answer to cancer. The word “cancer” is applied to what are hundreds, perhaps even thousands of different diseases, all characterized by uncontrolled cell growth, which over time often mutates into newer, more aggressive forms of the disease. This is why a comprehensive and highly personalized approach is desperately needed.

There is a better way. Right now. Today.

The Solution: Mederi Care® / ETMS

The fundamental objectives of the Mederi Care® / ETMS approach are to strengthen the individual in a harmonious way and to lessen the vulnerability to degenerative disease. In contrast to conventional medicine, where cancer is treated very generally, Mederi Care is a highly personalized, unified, in-depth study of a person’s illness as it is manifests uniquely in them.

Employing this approach, Mederi Care® has repeatedly had astounding results, both applied singularly and in tandem with conventional cancer treatments. Most importantly, patients typically experience phenomenal results.

Mederi Care® gives practitioners a road map to follow and patients the keys to help achieve enhanced vitality and a greater potential for survival,  not just to live longer,  but to thrive, in spite of cancer.

Also, there is now a scientific basis that further substantiates the long-standing traditional and historic use of well-directed nutritional and botanical ingredients for maintaining health. These therapies, along with:

  • Dietary and lifestyle interventions
  • Exercise
  • Stress-reduction
  • Spiritual practices such as meditation and a close connection to one’s Creator
  • Positive relationships with one another,

…are a decidedly better way to support well being and enhance an individual’s quality of life and longevity.

With over three decades of clinical experience, Clinical Master Herbalist and Certified Nutritionist Donald Yance has honed and evolved a distinctive philosophy and practical approach that merges ancient, wholistic medicine with modern, allopathic medicine – thus creating a truly integrative model that uniquely synthesizes the latest scientific research, logic, common sense, and intuitive wisdom.

But, in order to continue providing healthcare practitioners with ETMS training and tools, and to advance ETMS into mainstream medicine through clinical research, it is vital that four extremely important projects/plans continue moving forward.

  1. Grow Financial Capacity to Expand The Patient Aid Fund
    Through the generous support of donors, Mederi supports those in need of financial assistance in their healing journey with the cost of their personalized Mederi Care treatment plan protocols. Our vision is to grow the Patient Aid Fund to be able to offer a minimum of 5% of our patients with some level of protocol assistance. We understand the challenges of healthcare costs and seek to help when possible. Funds are awarded by a practitioner identification process.
  2. Mederi Academy: Clinical Training Program

    Since 2005, Mederi Center® has provided professional clinical training in Mederi Medicine, the ETMS through multi-day live programs. We educate practitioners about all facets of Mederi Care® so that they can create personalized patient protocols and increase their expertise in diagnostics and therapeutics. Participants throughout the world have been trained, and include medical doctors, oncologists, naturopaths, acupuncturists and other health care providers.

    We are launching an all-new Mederi Academy in 2022. Our clinical training program has been redesigned into a skills-based 2-year online learning curriculum that is expanded, with new ETMS trained Faculty. The goal is for participants to develop deep knowledge of Mederi Medicine and the skills to effectively practice it. The first year is a pre-clinical curriculum with an objectives-based structure that includes ETMS, botanical medicine, genetics, immunology, well-being, prevention, and chronic conditions. The second year focuses on clinical skills training.

    The Mederi Academy will be open to healthcare practitioners and those who are committed to providing comprehensive care in the field of integrative (unified) medicine, specifically with an interest in Mederi Medicine, The Eclectic Triphasic Medical System (ETMS) and Mederi Care®. Training in the ETMS emphasizes advanced clinical applications of botanical, nutritional, and biological medicine principles within a multifaceted framework in order to successfully execute health-building interventions for enhancing patient vitality and lifespan.

  3. Clinical Trials & Case Study Research
    Research for developing case studies and formal clinical trials must continue in order to demonstrate Mederi Care® / ETMS as the primary integrative approach superior to other methods and practices. Ongoing research and clinical trials will also help substantiate botanical medicine and nutrition as foundational therapies along with their successful use in combination with other specific targeted therapies.

    Headway was made in this effort. We’ve raised $50,000 to partially fund our first clinical trial with Ohio State University’s James Cancer Center. While research has verified that people with breast cancer use complementary and integrative medicine therapies, there is no research that has studied the effect of using whole-person individualized complementary botanical, nutritional, and lifestyle therapies integrated with conventional or standard medical therapies in metastatic breast cancer. The Mederi Foundation is partnering with “The James” to conduct a preliminary study to evaluate the effects of using an established case-validated protocol (ETMS) of herbal medicines and nutritional and lifestyle therapies in personal prescriptions (timing, dosing, and combinations) along with standard or usual treatment for metastatic breast cancer.

    This research initiative is of paramount importance since it will be the first prospective, randomized controlled clinical trial of its kind.
  4. Hire Key Leadership Positions For Long Term Sustainability
    To significantly continue growth in our mission, vision and goals, we need to hire key personnel, specifically an Executive Director.

    Currently, the Mederi Foundation Board is working tirelessly to move the organization’s mission forward. This year, they held their first annual retreat, signifying a deeper level of commitment from already passionate and committed leaders.

    Board Member Jennifer Yance was appointed Executive Director (Gratuitous) as a temporary solution in the Foundation’s start-up phase. Now, years into our work we are realizing the long-term sustainability of the organization.

    Recently, we recruited and trained our first full-time ETMS lead practitioner to provide patient services through the Center, resulting in increased patient retention and satisfaction, improved uniformity among our practice team, and overall improved management effectiveness.

    Many important structures are in place for key leadership to step in and take this organization to new heights. Now is the time to make this happen.

How We Can Move Closer to Achieving Our Vision
Though our successes to date have been significant, we still have a long way to go. We need help from passionate and visionary supporters who understand that Mederi Medicine offers the best hope for quality of life, positive outcomes, and the high probability of a better chance. Please support us in advancing personalized, integrative cancer care.

Let’s continue these four core programs:

  1. Patient Aid, to give more people access to this comprehensive care. Currently, we are able to support only a small percentage of the people that come to us with financial need. We want to make that 75% in the first year of the campaign and achieve 100% by the third year of the campaign.
  2. Launch Mederi Academy, through online and on-site training that will allow 30-50 % more practitioners to access ETMS training than is possible through on-site trainings alone.
  3. Advance Two clinical trials and ongoing case study research that will lead the way to 21st century personalized, integrative oncology by bringing this innovative approach into the mainstream.
  4. Expand our leadership for the long-term, sustainable future of the organization so that we can continue providing resource information and the highest quality support services to current and future patients. We need to hire a paid Executive Director in the next two years in order to make this future possible.

Our goal is to raise $350,000 annually for the next 3 years.

For this purpose, we are launching: The Mederi Medicine Future Fund Campaign

Funds we raise through this campaign will enable the Mederi Foundation to:

  1. Fully fund our partially funded first clinical trial with Ohio State University’s James Cancer Center and pursue additional clinical research opportunities. Estimated annual cost: $80,000.
  2. Design and produce online training courses to reach 30 – 50% more practitioners which include producing, promoting and administering the online training program. Estimated annual cost: $120,000.
  3. Continue offering Patient Aid and fund 75% of the patients in need of financial assistance. Estimated annual cost: $50,000.
  4. Hire key leadership for long-term sustainability, especially an Executive Director in the next two years. Estimated annual cost: $100,000.

The result? Vastly more patients helped, medical costs reduced, and better chances realized.

Please donate to the Mederi Medicine Future Fund today.

Want even more information?  Then call us directly and arrange to either speak with one of our staff or call to arrange a time to come by for a personal tour so you can see the work we do and how your generosity can make an impact.

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