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Program Initiatives

Program Initiatives

Mederi Projects Needing Funding

Together We Can Change The Treatment of Cancer And Produce Better Outcomes

At Mederi Center, our mission is:

1. To optimize the body’s innate capacity to heal at the molecular, cellular and organ system levels, in order to:

  • Improve overall personal health
  • Facilitate total wellness and healing
  • Enhance the quality of life, and graceful aging
  • Promote longevity, which simultaneously     
  • Improve our healthcare system by lowering costs

2. To deliver reliably better outcomes to those facing chronic diseases, especially cancer, by:

  • Partnering with patients and their physicians/oncologists
  • Utilizing the most recent advances in science, and healthcare
  • Integrating the wisdom of traditional medicinal systems with an individually tailored protocol consisting of advanced botanical and nutritional formulations, as well as personalized dietary and lifestyle guidelines
  • Enhancing robustness and resiliency, along with the capacity for self-regulation and self-organization, adaptability, and protection

3. To integrate the above-referenced approach with research, professional education, and personalized treatment – within a whole-systems model – to collaboratively (and fundamentally) change the way contemporary healthcare is viewed and delivered.

With your help

we can improve how cancer and chronic illness is treated and produce better medical outcomes for patients, and change the way contemporary healthcare is viewed and delivered.

The Mederi Future Fund Campaign    The Future Really Is In YOUR Hands

To help achieve our vision of advancing personalized, integrative medicine and cancer care to the next level, we have launched the Mederi Future Fund Campaign, with a goal of raising $3,000,000. These funds will enable us to address and expand the following important programs:

4. Sustain Adequate Funding for Patient Scholarships

Patients of any economic status should be able to receive care. There are many instances when patients come to us tapped of all their resources and unable to afford our treatment. It breaks our hearts to turn people away, which goes against our vision of providing people with the care they deserve and need. With much-needed help from generous donors, we have been able to provide patient scholarships. The number of cancer diagnoses is growing and, simultaneously, so is the demand for our services. We need to grow this fund to continue to sustain this important program.

5. Build a Sustainable Future for Our Professional Education Program – Mederi Academy

Using online delivery allows many more health care professionals to take advantage of the effective strategies and approaches we teach. Since 2005, The Mederi Center has provided clinical training in our ETMS/Mederi Care approach through multi-day intensive courses at our home base in Ashland, Oregon. Our in-person training programs can only accommodate a maximum of twenty-five students per session. Plus, it can be especially difficult and costly for health care professionals to take extended time away from clinical practice to travel for training. The need for this information among health care providers and their patients is much greater than we can meet by continuing to offer only in-person training.

With the course in its current form, we have trained more than150 practitioners, including oncologists, MDs, naturopaths, acupuncturists, herbalists, nurse practitioners, RNs, and chiropractors. Students have come from throughout the United States and Canada, as well as Scotland, Switzerland, France, Russia, and Israel.

Additionally, in our effort to help practitioners gain vital access to continued learning and ongoing support, we’ve established an annual continuing education program for Level 2 Clinical Training Program graduates that also includes:

  • Daily online network forum
  • Weekly research updates
  • Monthly roundtable sessions for case presentation and discussion
  • Email access to targeted and relevant informational blogs

The current in-person and limited online platform is successful in this capacity. However, we know the vast impact that an all-encompassing and robust online training program could have in reaching greater numbers of practitioners (at their convenience and on their time schedule) and, therefore, greater numbers of patients.

In 2013, the ETMS Clinical Training Program was delivered abroad at the Rabin Medical Center at Beilinson Hospital, the largest hospital in Tel Aviv, Israel. ETMS was presented to 150 attendees from around the region, and the integrative oncology department staff received five days of intensive training. In addition, special lectures were given to medical oncologists and dieticians.

6. Continue Clinical Trials & Case Study Research

Research for developing case studies and formal clinical trials must continue in order to demonstrate that Mederi Care as a primary unitive and integrative approach is superior to other current methods and practices. Ongoing research and clinical trials will help substantiate the validity of botanical medicine and nutrition as foundational therapies along with their successful use in combination with other specific targeted therapies.

Headway was recently made in this effort. We’ve raised $50,000 to partially fund our first clinical trial with Ohio State University’s James Cancer Center. While research has verified that people with breast cancer use complementary and integrative medicine therapies, there is no research that has studied the effects of using whole-person individualized complementary botanical, nutritional, and lifestyle therapies integrated with conventional or standard medical therapies in metastatic breast cancer. The Mederi Center is partnering with “The James” to conduct a preliminary study to evaluate the effects of using an established case-validated protocol (ETMS/Mederi Care) of herbal medicines and nutritional and lifestyle therapies in personal prescriptions (timing, dosing, and combinations) along with standard or usual treatment for metastatic breast cancer.

This research initiative is of paramount importance since it will be the first prospective, randomized controlled clinical trial of its kind.

7. Hire Key Leadership Positions for Long-Term Sustainability

To significantly continue growth in our mission, vision, and goals, we need to hire key personnel at a number of different levels to step in and help take this organization to the next level. Even our recent modest growth has added new layers of regulatory compliance and enormous complexity. As a result, it is now critical that we make this happen.

The result? Vastly more patients helped, medical costs reduced, and better chances realized.

Please donate to the Mederi Medicine Future Fund today.

Want even more information?  Then call us directly and arrange to either speak with one of our staff or come by for a personal tour so you can really see the work we do and the kind of impact your generosity can have.

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