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Mederi Center offers an extensive apothecary of herbal and nutritional formulations carefully chosen for their quality, purity, potency and clinical effectiveness. Our apothecary services are available for Mederi Center clients, as well as other practitioners and their clients. We have over 200 high-quality, single herb extracts and bulk herbs with which we custom blend formulations for clients.

Please Login below to place your order or contact Mederi Center at 541-488-7598.

Please Plan Ahead 

Although we do our very best to ship orders within 48 hours, product availability and order volume may require a longer waiting period. We appreciate your understanding.

Our order deadline for same-day processing is 12pm PST. Orders placed after 12pm PST will be processed the next business day.

If you missed a product on your completed order, please complete a separate order form for additional items. Separate items will be processed in the order received.

For information on how current patients can place an online order or by fax, please login above or contact Mederi Center at 541-488-3133. 

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