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Patient FAQs

Patient FAQs

Q: My practitioner forgot to put one of my regular supplements on my new protocol. Should I take it or not?

A: Finish off the open bottle you are taking then discontinue taking it. It is inevitable that there will be changes to your protocol consisting of additions and/or deletions.

Q: Can I take my supplements with prescription medications?

A: Your practitioner should be made fully aware of each and every medication that you are on. Provided you have done this and if your practitioner has not indicated otherwise the answer is “YES!” If you are not sure whether you told your practitioner everything and are concerned, you should check with your practitioner.

Q: My protocol does not indicate whether I should take certain supplements with food or without.

A: In general, herbs are best taken away from food as digestion can interfere with absorption; Vitamin and mineral supplements should be taken with food, especially zinc for those who are extra sensitive. For more specific information contact your practitioner.

Q: I don’t know what each of the supplements on my protocol is addressing. Can you tell me?

A: Sometimes the staff can help with this question but since most herbs and nutritional supplements have more than one action we can not always be sure which action the practitioner is addressing with you specifically. You should check specifics with your practitioner and use Donnie’s book, Adaptogens in Medical Herbalism as a reference.

Q: I have never taken herbs before and my new protocol requires me to take a lot of pills at breakfast. Not only can I not get all the pills down at one sitting but I feel queasy while trying. What should I do?

A: It can take some time to get used to taking many supplements. We suggest starting with a few supplements at a lower dose and/or frequency for a few days. Then begin to gradually add in more of the supplements continuing with a lower dose/frequency. Once you are taking all of the supplements you can begin to increase the dosage until you have reached the required dose. This process can take between one to two weeks. We also recommend focusing on the healing benefits of the plants and nutrients you are ingesting, rather than on “pills”.


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