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Mederi Care practitioners recognize the importance of tending to our spiritual well-being as part of the healing journey.

In addition to botanical medicine, clinical nutrition, dietary and lifestyle medicine, Mederi Care includes what we call "spiritual care" as a therapeutic modality.

The heart of healing is a journey, or perhaps better said - a pilgrimage.  Within this pilgrimage are aspects that are unique to each individual.  It is a wholistic process, which cannot be reduced to any one component. It is an integrative, moving, emergent, living process that involves multiple interacting dimensions, some of which can be accessed by the scientific and rational, while others may be purely mystical. We need to better understand this interwoven process. 

Healing isn’t as simple as removing a body part, doing chemotherapy, eating more of a certain food, taking a fad supplement, doing yoga, or seeing a psychic healer. True healing requires us to go deeper, to the center of our being, wherein lies the beginning of the quest for wholeness.
Human beings consist of body, soul, and spirit.   Our body gives us our passion and emotions. Our soul (mind) gives us our cognitive powers of awareness, reason, and intellect.  Our Spirit is the pure spiritual intuition of our deepest essence.  It is beyond sense, emotion, or thought.  In life, we attempt to live in harmony of this trinity within us.

Having a chronic illness invites us to attend to our true nature and be the possibility, which is to live rather than merely survive, not in yesterday or tomorrow, but in the present. This is where space (eternity) and time (our world) come together.

Our map for wellness is to join together time and space, the thinking rational mind and the spiritual mind that dwells within, and to have our being and our doing be a harmonious reflection of each other.

“Religion, in truth, is not a matter of dogmas, beliefs, rituals, or superstitions. Religion is the total way of life, the pursuit of pure Love (God); the understanding of Truth; where ‘ALL’ that we do and are is exemplified as Religion.” -Donnie Yance

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