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Mederi Care® or ETMS Model

Mederi Care®

Mederi: latin; meaning: to heal and become whole.

Throughout more than thirty years of clinical practice, our founder Donnie Yance’s philosophy and practice has evolved into an integrative model called Mederi Care® (also called Eclectic Triphasic Medical System or ETMS). Mederi Care combines essential principles from both traditional and modern medical systems and employs herbal medicine as its primary treatment modality. This immensely rich herbal foundation stems from the American Eclectic and Physio-medical western herbal traditions as well as Eastern (Chinese or East Asian) Medicine, which is regarded as the world’s most extensive traditional medical system. The methodology behind Mederi Care is a complex interweaving of modern science with the constitutional energetics and spiritual philosophies of these traditional medical systems whose efficacy has been proven and documented for thousands of years. The theoretical basis of these systems provides a framework for developing novel therapeutic strategies while incorporating the best of wholistic and conventional medicine supported by the latest scientific research at the molecular, cellular and genomic levels.

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The fundamental objectives of the Mederi Care® approach are to strengthen the individual in a harmonious way and to lessen the vulnerability towards the development of degenerative disease. The modern medical model essentially views humans as machines comprised of parts that can be isolated, fixed, or replaced. Assuming that humans function like machines, implies that disease is simply the result of the laws of nature, physics, and biology to which we are subject. In this view, medicine means that the doctor fixes something that is broken.

The viewpoint from which the Mederi Care® practitioner operates is profoundly different. First, Mederi Care is a model that requires acknowledging that we actively create, respond, influence, and heal ourselves. Our cells, organs, networks, and systems are dynamic, interconnected, and interrelated; they all contain the innate knowledge and ability to heal and nurture us when supported by a healthy foundation. This belief in the body’s inherent ability to heal and become whole and to overcome disease is fundamental to Mederi Care.

Secondly, the Mederi Care® model places its focus on the whole of the body system rather than on the disease itself. For example, in the case of cancer, the Mederi Care model, unlike the modern medical model, is not focused merely on attacking the cancer without an attempt to examine the factors that allowed the cancer to arise in the first place. The Mederi Care practitioner evaluates the suitability of certain treatments for the patient, not only from the point of view of pathology, but also by considering the beliefs about cancer and cancer treatment held by the individual coping with a cancer diagnosis.

Mederi Care emphasizes the practice of ‘healthy medicine.’ The primary goal is to bring the body into harmonious balance with nontoxic or low-toxicity, target-specific, disease-suppressing agents. This is achieved through the application of synergistic herbal and nutritional formulations (naturally phytochemically complex medicines), dietary therapeutics, and other specific therapies as indicated.

Mederi Care® in practice:

  • Provides a framework for integrating holistic and allopathic medicine to create personalized, precision-medicine protocols focused on a “whole systems” approach to patient care with an emphasis on wellness.
  • Strategically implements advanced clinical diagnostics with modern scientific techniques to aid in the successful selection and application of the most appropriate, effective medicines.
  • Synergistically combines botanical and nutritional formulations, targeted agents, diet and spiritual care as the core therapeutic components of patient protocols, which are regularly reviewed and updated, according to the patient's condition
  • Implements the latest research and scientific advances at the molecular, cellular, and genomic levels. 

The three branches of Mederi Care®:

  • the host (patient); the personal energetic processes or the core constitution of the individual patient (spirit, mind, and body); also, the human relationship with the external environment, their perceptions and influences including cultural, social, psychic and physical levels on the inhibition or promotion of disease
  • the microenvironment; various blood and biomarker tests which can be altered therapeutically to promote the health of the host 
  • the intracellular and extracellular terrain; involving the energetic, physiological and molecular biology and genetics of cancer (ie; phenotyping, genotyping, molecular profiling) 

“As we develop a protocol, we are thinking strategically about the short-term, intermediate and long-term objectives. Because modern conventional medicine is based solely on rational thought, it is intellectual, scholastic, standardized, predictable, and sometimes emotional in character (ie; fear-driven). The result is often less than therapeutic for the body, mind, and soul. In contrast, the ETMS merges ancient wisdom, modern research, and introspective prayer. I think of this process as the cross-pollination of rational-intellectual reasoning with meditative prayer, blending all that we know with what is still unknown in the realm of healing.” – Donnie Yance

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