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    Mederi Partner Spotlight

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We provide a whole-systems, integrative approach to cancer, chronic illness, and lifelong wellness.
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"I have now been cancer free for 17 years thanks to Donnie and his integrative approach with my allopathic physicians"



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In this article, we explore detoxification strategies as a regular part of a healthy lifestyle , in addition to its application as a targeted therapy to recover from illness.

In my practice, I have found regular sauna therapy to be extremely helpful in most cases of cancer (though there are exceptions to this), and I‘ve seen consistent use significantly improve quality of life, as well as (with proper timing) enhance anti-cancer therapies.

Vitamin D influences over 3000 gene-regulated functions as well as metabolic processes that are critical to maintaining health, and can help prevent cancers and other debilitating diseases.

View a remarkable story of strength and hope as we follow a client's journey of healing with the Mederi Center.

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