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We provide a whole-systems, integrative approach to cancer, chronic illness, and lifelong wellness.
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"I have now been cancer free for 17 years thanks to Donnie and his integrative approach with my allopathic physicians"



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This article delves into how active compounds of plant medicines, and the synergy between them, enhance our natural healing capabilities.

We’re standing at a crucial point in the fight against breast cancer and other cancers. I firmly believe it’s time for a profound shift in our mindset, strategies, scientific approach, and medical practices.

Rather than treating cancer as an enemy to be defeated at all costs, we should adopt the Mederi Care approach, which focuses on supporting, sustaining, and preserving life while minimizing suffering. This approach calls for embracing values like courage, humility, and love instead of prioritizing control, fear, ego, greed, and self-interest.

Consuming certain foods, herbs, and spices that contain disease-suppressing phytonutrients can help leverage our diet for true healing potential.

View a remarkable story of strength and hope as we follow a client's journey of healing with the Mederi Center.

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