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“My wife just finished her third round of treatment for Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia and the doctors at the clinic in Brazil are astounded by her magnificent test results and that she has not manifested any of the typical side effects and is noticeably more vibrant than other patients.  We believe that her progress is due to your protocol and guidance.  There is something very special about what you people do and I thank God for it.” ~ M.S., Savannah, Georgia

“Diagnosed at age 48 with a hormone receptor positive breast cancer tumor, I remember the surprised reactions of my doctors each time I told them about what you were doing for me in conjunction with their care. My doctor’s jaw dropped after a one-month post radiation visit and she said, ‘you have healed more in one month than some people have in a year and your skin didn’t even peel!’ Another time, my oncologist warned me my liver tests would come back very toxic after seven chemotherapy treatments, but they were completely normal, thanks to the herbs you suggested to counteract the toxicities of treatment…. I just wanted to tell you how very grateful I am for your help. I think about my mother who died of breast cancer and wish she had been so lucky to have had your help. I want to do all I can to tell others of your brilliance. Maybe it will save their life too.” ~  G.M., New Canaan, Connecticut

“My surgeon/oncologist and primary nurse, the ones who will continue to work with me throughout the next months and years, reviewed the protocol from Jonathan in Oregon and were very supportive and happy about it. They actually said, “Those folks know much more about nutritional and herbal support than we will ever know and we will defer to their wisdom and judgment in this area.” ~  J.H., Carrboro, North Carolina

“I attribute my physical strength during and after chemotherapy, and continued enjoyment of my life to Donnie’s protocols for healthy food, targeted herbal supplements for any out-of-balance ailments and complaints, and wise lifestyle recommendations.  But most of all, I am grateful for his endless optimism, his boundless and very reassuring knowledge of the medicine which he shares readily, and his deep sense of spirituality and concern for his patients. It is also rare in a practice as busy as his, that the entire clinical support staff is as consistently organized, pleasant and professional as it is.” ~B.F., McLean, Virginia

“I send a special acknowledgment to the Mederi Center in Ashland, Oregon. Mederi was a saving grace from God to me, a place I believe that every patient with cancer and treating physician should experience. The staff at Mederi are forward thinkers and they are the soldiers on the frontline binding our wounds and preparing us to fight and live forward."

"Mederi was instrumental in providing me with good research explanations on the latest cancer developments. They were and still are one of the leading clinics that understand how to treat cancer from a holistic standpoint. Mederi does everything to not harm the whole patient- body, mind, and soul. They are able to encourage the use of traditional cancer treatments including chemotherapy with a strict blend of holistic practices that help protect a person from the potential harmful effects of chemo."

"Mederi had my first ear in that I tended to take their advice over that of anyone else. Their approach to cancer with a full understanding of main-stream oncology and alternative care mixed with diet and spirituality was the perfect fit for me. Finally, I was able to get explanations of why things were occurring in my body. This was in stark contrast to what my oncologist was offering."

"Had it not been for Mederi, I would have perpetually been in a cycle of disagreeing with and firing my doctors. But Mederi taught me this....'do your best to keep a good relationship with your doctor. Your doctor does not have the benefit of knowing or understanding what we know. Most doctors are genuine and excellent in their craft, they simply follow what they have been taught. The staff at Mederi encouraged me, they would guide me into developing a good relationship with my doctors, so that they might benefit from my example."

"At the Center, I got a breath of total truth. You know the truth when you hear it. It feels different to the soul. There was no confusion. There was no inquiry. There was only peace and assurance. Mederi gave me holistic supplements to ensure that my liver was protected. And the protocol they used did not adversely impact my chemo regimen. Mederi ran many other tests as well. Their researchers reviewed every cancer study in our country, they knew every new drug coming out of the FDA, plus they knew how to mix this with their herbal protocol safely and efficiently. They also had knowledge of innovative techniques in other countries. They recognized the seriousness of my condition and were fully committed to working with my oncologist as a team to provide forward progress. For me, this was the ideal way to go. I had every important component in place around me for a holistic approach to this cancer: my spirituality, my mainstream health care, diet, and physical activity plan-all combined. This worked for me---a total body approach.” ~ Shatrece Buchanan, Excerpt from “A 5 Time Cancer Survivor”

“Having to decide about getting a mastectomy....this denoted the second time getting cancer, you all helped guide my decisions by providing me with the best information to leverage in my decision-making as the cancer reappeared the third, fourth and fifth time.  At my worst, with the tumors spread all over my chest, you took a worse-case scenario and helped me stay positive, you helped me navigate through the maze of medical politics in how to work with local doctors, you provided the best information which I've used to date, and now my local doctors have turned to understand that it takes us working together to reach healing solutions.  And most importantly, you emphasized a three-pronged approach to healing, incorporating spirituality and nutrition.” ~ Shatrece Buchanan

“I have had the honor and pleasure of working with Donnie, both as a practitioner in the field of integrative oncology and later as a patient. I completed two of Donnie’s weeklong Eclectic Triphasic Medical System trainings a number of years ago, as well as the practitioner case review call-in sessions. The information was invaluable in my setting working with cancer patients. In 2011, I was diagnosed with cancer myself, with a BRCA1 mutation and a breast cancer diagnosis. I gathered my team, as we all do, with those we respect and trust implicitly, and Donnie was there from the outset. His extensive knowledge, attention to detail, consideration of all the multi-dimensional levels and aspects of the cancer journey, his compassion and interest in the deepest feelings and revelations that occur along the way, rare in this field and a true gift. During the many turning points of difficult decision-making, Donnie’s extensive knowledge was essential in helping me to feel that my decisions were sound. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to receive this level of guidance, and the level of deep listening and sensitivity which he brings to the table.” ~ Elaine Weil, Nurse Practitioner, San Francisco, CA

"I have known Donnie since 1993…I met him right after I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Donnie was and is a life saver.  He always spent the time with me explaining what he was recommending to me and why. To this day, I still am working with Donnie at least annually.  I have seen him grown from a knowledgeable herbalist to a brilliant research-based herbalist giving sound advice and recommendations.  He does this not only from his knowledge base but from his heart.  The combination of the two makes each recommendation one that treats the whole person, body and spirit.  I have now been cancer free for 26 years thanks to Donnie and his integrative approach with my allopathic physicians." ~ Ann, Westport, CT

"In March 1997, Mark Powers received a devastating diagnosis. He had brain cancer, and the doctors estimated that he would live a year, or at most, a year and half longer.  After two surgeries, Mark began consulting with Donnie Yance and taking the herbal protocol that Donnie prescribed. Although Mark always had a positive attitude in life, he says that the opportunity to look at life and his diagnosis with Donnie in a different and more positive way than the doctors’ was of tremendous value. When he first met Donnie, Mark felt that if somehow he could have ten more years of life, he’d be happy."

“The herbs and supplements Donnie gave me are why I’m still here today, fourteen years later!”

Mark Powers credits the healing effects of Donnie and the ETMS for enabling him to live his current vibrant and rich life, so many years beyond his initial prognosis.

“When the protocol started to kick in, Hollie had a whole cascade of collateral health benefits. Her vertigo went away, her migraines disappeared, and her gastrointestinal problems went away. The protocol not only dealt with her cancer, but also improved her health and immunity, on many fronts, which strengthened her immune system and many internal health systems.” ~ Patrick Quinn, Fort Collins, CO

"I don’t know of any other place that offers such expert care with herbs, nutritional supplements, diet, and other lifestyle-oriented therapies for people with cancer.  They also keep up with the latest medical and biological research on an impressive scale.  Because of this, they can communicate intelligently with oncologists and other doctors.  They take the most integrated approach possible in our fragmented system." ~ Joyce Stahman, Ashland, OR

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