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Mission & History

Our Mission is to optimize health, promote longevity, and improve the quality of life of those facing chronic diseases, especially cancer; and to provide a comprehensive, cost-effective approach toward the transformation of healthcare for individuals and institutions.

The renowned work of Mederi Center’s Founder and President, Donnie Yance, dates back to the early nineties, in his home state of Connecticut. By 1992, Donnie had quickly earned a reputation for his pioneering approach and became highly sought after for his expert health advice through his former clinic, the Center for Natural Healing. Years later, in 1999, he established a bi-coastal practice in Southern Oregon’s beautiful destination city of Ashland, where he envisioned building a retreat center for cancer patients. Through years of honing and mastering his work with thousands of patients, he developed his ETMS model, which forms the cornerstone of the Mederi Center’s clinic program.

As a Secular Franciscan, it was always at the heart of Donnie’s mission to realize his vision as a nonprofit organization. Therefore, in 2005, along with his wife, Jennifer, they formed the Mederi Foundation (dba Mederi Center) as a 501 c 3 charitable organization, and soon thereafter, enveloped the former clinic program under the umbrella of the non-profit, and expanded its mission by establishing its research and education programs and Scientific Advisory Board.

Today, Mederi Center stands strong as a nonprofit clinic, research, and educational organization in Ashland, Oregon dedicated to fostering optimal health and wellness for all ages. We specialize in improving the quality of life and outcomes for patients with chronic diseases, cancer, and a wide range of age-related conditions, especially those that may be difficult to diagnose, and for which other therapeutic approaches may be ineffective.       

Through our clinic (and our worldwide education program for participating practitioners), we practice and teach our unique and internationally recognized wholistic Mederi Care model – a unitive, integrative approach combining modern science, medicine, research, and education with dietary, botanical, nutritional, and lifestyle medicines to deliver consistently better outcomes.     

Mederi Center collaborates with health care providers and medical institutions around the country and abroad, such as: Ohio State University’s James Cancer Center, Sinai Hospital Baltimore, Children’s Hospital Orange County, Medical University South Carolina, Huntington Hospital and Huntington Medical Research Institute, Rabin Medical Center, Beilinson Hospital, Israel, and numerous others.

Learn More About Mederi Center

1. We provide personalized, integrative botanical and nutritional strategies to those with cancer and other chronic illnesses through face-to-face consults at Mederi Center in Ashland, Oregon and virtually, via telephone and video conference.

2. We train healthcare practitioners to successfully diagnose and manage a myriad of health conditions by applying the Mederi Care / ETMS model.

3. We compile case studies and coordinate clinical research programs regarding our system of healing.

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