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For Patients

Patient FAQs

Patient FAQs

Becoming a Patient: Consulting Services

Q: Do you only see patients who have cancer?
A: Our practitioners serve clients in all stages of health and wellness, with years of experience in addressing a variety of conditions.

Q: Do I have to be local to become a patient?
A: Our services do not require you to live locally or make in-person appointments. We accept local and remote patients. In fact, most of our patient consultations are done by phone or video on Zoom’s HIPAA compliant platform.

Q: Does Mederi Center® offer any on-site residential treatment services?
A: We do not offer residential treatment services.

Q: Does Mederi Center® provide physical examinations or medical diagnoses?
A: Physical or medical examinations and medical or disease diagnoses are not part of our consulting services. Click here to see more information regarding our Mederi Care / ETMS approach to healing.

Q: What medical exams and testing are required for my consultation?
A: Most patients opting for integrative treatment have already received a medical diagnosis from a licensed MD. Medical testing such as blood work, possibly a scan (either PET, CT, MRI or Mammogram), and biopsy pathology results confirm a medical diagnosis. Your Mederi Center practitioner studies the results of these medical tests prior to your first consultation. Your Mederi practitioner may recommend (additional) lab work after your first consultation. Our naturopathic physicians can order diagnostics for you, whereas our Certified Herbalists will recommend that your primary care provider do this for you.

Q: Can you help get copies of my medical records for my Mederi practitioner to review?
A: Yes, we can help you request copies of medical records. This requires a signed medical release form from you. We can provide you with a Medical Release Form, and we will need your doctor’s contact information.

Q: What is the wait time to get an appointment?
A: Depending on who you book your consult with, the wait time can be between one week to two months.

Q: Is it possible to consult with Donnie Yance?
A: We understand that Donnie’s care and counsel is highly sought after; however, Donnie's practice is currently full and he is unable to accept new clients. We have several practitioners specially selected by Donnie Yance to consult with our clients. Our naturopathic physicians Dr. Susan Saccomanno, Dr. Michael Hummel, and Dr. Gloria Schwartz have in-depth training in Donnie's Mederi Care/ETMS methodology and apply this approach to patient care. They are available to consult with new patients.

Becoming a Patient: Costs/Insurance

Q: Do you take medical insurance?
A: Mederi Center is only able to take select insurance for patients of Dr. Michael Hummel who are Oregon residents and have onsite consults at our Ashland clinic. We are contracted with Regence/BCBS, Providence, Aetna, and most MODA plans. Please see our Determining Health Insurance Benefits Worksheet, which will help you determine if your plan covers our services.

Q: Do you take Medicare/Medicaid?
A: These programs do not cover Naturopathic care. However, there are a few Medicare supplemental insurance programs that may cover our services.  
If you have a supplemental plan, please see our Determining Health Insurance Benefits Worksheet, which will help you determine if your plan covers our services.

Q: Does Mederi Center® offer patient funding?
A: As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, the Mederi Foundation occasionally awards donor funds to patients of the Mederi Center through our Patient Aid program. Patients must meet eligibility requirements to be considered for funding. 

Q: Does Mederi Center® offer payment plans for its services?
A: Payment plans for consultations only can be arranged on a case-by-case basis.

Q: Does Mederi Center® offer services on a sliding payment scale?
A: We currently do not offer sliding scale payments.

Collaboration with Your MD and Other Healthcare Providers

Q: I have decided to start 3 months of chemotherapy (or some other significant treatment protocol) next week.  Should I schedule a consultation after treatments are completed?
A: Our Mederi Care / ETMS model is an integrative approach that combines the best of botanical and conventional medicine. We recommend that you schedule a consultation as soon as possible. Our practitioners tailor a botanical protocol and treatment plan for your individual health needs to complement any conventional treatment you will undergo.

Q: I currently work with another practitioner who prescribes herbal formulas. Would I continue to work with them and take the prescribed formulas?
A: Our practitioners will review and advise regarding protocols from any and all practitioners. It is best to share any treatment plan so we can provide comprehensive recommendations and maintain continuity of care. In most cases, our practitioners do prefer that you adhere exclusively to our recommendations, unless your practitioners are working in close collaboration with one another to coordinate your care. It is important to avoid any potential overlap of ingredients or to exceed the recommended daily dose of a supplement.

Q: Will my oncologist/specialist approve of my “Mederi Care” botanical protocol?  If he/she does not, what do I do?
A: We believe an integrative approach is your best option for quality care.

It is an individual decision on how best to communicate with your oncologist/specialist about the integration of Mederi Care botanical and nutritional recommendations into your overall treatment plan. Your oncologist/specialist is likely not trained in botanical medicine, and may not have the expertise of a Mederi practitioner on specific formulas and their actions.

Q: My oncologist requested to talk with my Mederi practitioner. Is that possible?
A: Yes! We encourage your oncologist/specialist to coordinate and discuss your care with us. We can help you schedule a consultation between your consenting doctor and Mederi practitioner.

Mederi Care® Supplements / Protocol

Q: What are the associated costs of consultations and treatment plans?
A: We will send you a packet of information about our services including the fee structure for your care.

Our in-house botanical Apothecary carries professional-grade supplements and customizes your herbal formulas recommended by your practitioner. These individualized herbal protocols can vary from $200 to $1200 per month depending on your current health status.

Over time, your protocol may be adjusted accordingly to your health condition. As there are changes in treatment plan, costs reflect that change.

Q: I am on the “blankly blank diet”. What will my Practitioner think about that?
A: Mederi Care / ETMS diet recommends a whole food, non-processed, organic diet. If you have food sensitivities, your practitioner will want to know these and recommend alternatives. Mederi Care / ETMS Approach to a Healthy Diet publication is included in our information packet. It is a rich resource for a clinically and scientifically based nutritional diet.

Q: I can’t take supplements. Can you still help me?
A: Botanical medicine is a substantial part of our approach. We know the most successful outcomes in our integrative approach are accomplished by incorporating botanical supplements into a daily routine. Botanical medicine comes in various forms, liquid tonics, teas, powdered formulas, and topical applications. We strive to tailor your protocol to meet your needs.

Q: Where can I purchase the Botanical supplements recommended by my Practitioner? Do I have to purchase them from Mederi Center®?
A: Mederi Center® has an onsite, full-service herbal Apothecary. We stock only the purest, highest quality plant extracts and dry bulk herbs, considered the most effective in their classes. Mederi’s extensive formulary of herbal tonics, powders, topicals and teas are used in the custom formulations developed by your practitioner and/or by our Clinical Master Herbalist Donnie Yance.    

In addition, we offer unique stock formulas that have been developed, honed, and clinically tested by a Donnie Yance, a true alchemist and expert in the field of botanical medicine with decades of experience with patients. These are exclusively available through Mederi Center’s Apothecary.

Branded supplements carried in our Apothecary can be ordered through Mederi Center Order Fulfillment as well as through Fullscript, an online supplement distributor. Additionally, some supplement brands that we carry are available in health foods stores, whereas others may only be available through licensed practitioners. Product pricing through our Apothecary and on Fullscript is competitive with other sellers.

Q: What makes the supplements Mederi Center® carries different from other Apothecaries?
A: Our treatment regimens are unique using a variety of adaptogenic herbs, which have a balancing and normalizing effect on all body functions regardless of the origin of disruption. They regulate and enhance vital energy and immune system function. We combine different classes of botanical remedies – including adaptogens, adaptogen companions, and organ-enhancing herbs – with nutritional compounds, essential fatty acids, vitamin co-factors, and anabolic amino acids.

Mederi Care® / ETMS Approach Results

Q: What is the efficacy of your approach? Can you cure disease?
A: Reputable medical professionals will not make claims to “cure.”

Rather than focus on a “cure”, we provide botanical medicine, clinical nutrition, and dietary support so that your body can naturally reach its optimal health. Our Mederi Care® / ETMS model focuses on longevity and vitality while supporting you physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

For published testimonials about our approach, please see our Testimonials page on our website.

Q: What results can I expect from my Mederi protocol?
A: Results are individualized. Your practitioner will discuss potential results in detail during your consultation(s). In addition to reviewing lab markers and diagnostic testing, your practitioner will look to improve foundational energetic patterns of sleep, energy level, appetite, digestion, and stress.

Q: What type of research data can Mederi Center® send me about the efficacy of your approach? 
A: Our Research initiative documents case studies and other data measuring and validating the efficacy of our approach. While we currently are unable to provide clients with published results, we can provide you with published research specific to the botanical and nutritional medicines used in your treatment. All formulas and supplements recommended in your protocol are backed by extensive, scientifically-based research on the therapeutic effects of botanicals and nutrients in supporting biological systems against disease.

Disease presents differently in every person. Mederi Care practitioners offer a customized approach that considers the whole individual: mind, body, spirit, and your external environment. The greatest successes seen in our approach are through the patient’s long-term commitment to this modality.

Q: How is success measured?
A: We measure success by your improved vitality, overall quality of life, and longevity. We make a practice of utilizing diagnostics as a tool to measure your body’s response to treatment; however, those are not the only important markers. Your sense of well-being and energy level are also important indicators.

Q: How long can I expect to remain on the prescribed botanicals?
A: Your initial prescribed protocol is designed to provide immediate support with your current health concern. Regular follow-up consultations are recommended to monitor your health and to refine your protocol. Botanical medicine is designed to support you long-term. Patients often continue using botanicals beyond critical care to maintain vitality and resilience.

Q: Can I speak with one of your previous patients with a similar diagnosis?
A: Our client information is confidential and protected by HIPAA law.  In addition, every person’s body and experience is unique; therefore it would be unwise to assume similar results based on a similar diagnosis.

My Continued Care as a Mederi Patient

Q: How often will appointments be scheduled with my Mederi practitioner?

A: The frequency of appointments with your practitioner vary depending on your diagnosis, symptoms, treatment plan, and desire to optimize your botanical medicine protocol. Generally, with complex health issues, appointments are every 4-8 weeks during the initial 3 – 6 months of your treatment plan. Once symptoms improve and treatment stabilizes, every 3-6 months is more common. You may schedule appointments as often as you and your practitioner believe is necessary.

Q: Can I have contact with my Mederi practitioner in between my scheduled appointments?
A: You are invited to schedule a consultation with your Practitioner whenever needed. Availability varies with each practitioner. Between scheduled appointments, you may correspond with a Client Liaison (CL). Our CLs meet regularly with your Practitioner and can answer many of your questions.

Our CLs are available during normal business hours. For questions that require practitioner review, you can expect a response within 48 – 72 business hours. We make every effort to answers your questions as soon as possible. We do not have an emergency care service or off-hours response service.

Q: Can my Mederi practitioner order lab work to monitor my results?
A: Lab work and review of your medical records is a component of the Mederi Care approach. Our Naturopathic Doctor may order diagnostics for you, whereas our Certified Herbalists may recommend labs that your primary care provider will need to order on your behalf.

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