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Our Culture

We are an enthusiastic, talented, and dedicated group of practitioners and staff, with a passion for health and holistic healing. We're excited about empowering our patients with the tools and education they need to lead healthier, longer lives using botanical and nutritional medicine and supportive lifestyle practices. Our mission is to deliver the best possible care by providing personalized, comprehensive treatment plans, often in concert with allopathic medicine, to support optimal health and vitality. We are a hard-working and committed team that strives to be our best selves in our work, with each other, and the people we serve. If this sounds like a fit for you, please keep reading to learn more about our organization and employment opportunities.

Our Clinic and Foundation

Mederi Center is a non-profit 501(c)(3) clinic and educational organization for holistic health and healing. The mission of Mederi Center is to optimize health and wellness for people of all ages, and to improve the quality of life and outcomes for patients with chronic diseases, cancer, and stress or age-related conditions. Mederi Center serves its mission through patient services, education programs for healthcare providers, and clinical research initiatives, applying a pioneering, 'unitive' model for wholistic, integrative medicine developed by our founder and lead clinician, Donnie Yance. Mederi Center also collaborates with health care providers and medical institutions around the country and abroad.

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