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Mederi Academy® Courses

Whether you are currently working with patients with cancer or other chronic illness, or want to gain the knowledge and skills you need to confidently support patients with cancer in your practice, Mederi Academy coursework will empower you to more effectively address complex cases and significantly improve patient outcomes.

Our courses are offered through a powerful online learning platform that helps you track your progress through engaging instruction and mentorship by leading experts in your field.

Coursework includes webinar presentations, post-presentation assessment questions, and live ask-me-anything Q&As with subject matter experts. A certificate of completion is given upon completion of each course.

We are moving to a new and improved online learning platform in January 2024! Look for the link here to get instant access once you purchase an on-demand courses.

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Your courses have been an "eye-opener" for me. The approach of cancer treatment is so fundamentally different from the allopathic approach and makes so much sense. We have great cytotoxic drugs to fight cancer, but very few methods or tools to help the body to receive, tolerate, and repair damage as a consequence. You understand the beautiful world of herbs, knowing their action down to the molecular level and understand cancer biology well. Years of experience crystallized in your philosophy, supported with research and scientific data from well-respected peer reviewed journals... and now it all comes together in Mederi Care / Eclectic Triphasic Medical System. This is truly a new paradigm in Medicine and I hope your teaching can reach many physicians, cancer centers, and medical schools in the years to come. ~ Agnes Horvath, M.D., Pediatric Oncologist

Mederi Care Fundamentals: Host Evaluation, Life Force, and the Role of Mederi Care in Aging, Chronic Disease, and Health Optimization

Content: 7 hours of presentations 
Time to Complete: 15-20 hours of total coursework 
Cost: $700 

This course is an introduction to Mederi Care methodology, with an emphasis on developing a common language for discussing its core physiological and philosophical concepts. It also covers the “Three Branches” approach to case evaluation used in the Eclectic Triphasic Medical System (ETMS). Developed by Donnie Yance, ETMS is the theoretical framework for the clinical application of Mederi Care. The three branches of the ETMS are the host, microenvironment, and disease. This course also explores the Life Force concept as a central theme in Mederi Care, and examines the role of Mederi Care in health optimization.  

Course Sections: 

  • Fundamental Concepts in Mederi Care - Part 1 
  • Fundamental Concepts in Mederi Care - Part 2 
  • ETMS Assessment: Host (Constitutional assessment, External environment), Microenvironment (Biological terrain), Disease  
  • Life Force – Adaptation and Adaptogens 
  • Aging, Chronic Disease and Health Optimization  


The Mederi Care Conceptual Framework: Thematic Elements, Vital Energies, Organ Networks, and the Patient/Practitioner Relationship

Content: 6 hours of presentations 
Time to Complete: 15-18 hours of total coursework 
Cost: $700 

This course covers the Mederi Care conceptual framework, which is founded on principles that are derived from traditional medical systems, including Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Eclectic Medicine, and Physiomedicalism. It explores the patient/practitioner relationship, the importance of assessing the external environment in which the patient lives, and introduces the Mederi Care approach to building a comprehensive treatment plan.   

Course Sections: 

  • Thematic Elements of Mederi Care 
  • Vital Force  
  • Vital Essence 
  • Vital Spirit 
  • The 5 Organ Networks 
  • The Patient-Practitioner Relationship – Hermeneutics (patient’s narrative) and Practitioner's Assessment 
  • Assessment of The External Environment 
  • Mederi Care in Practice: Intake and Assessment, Building a Plan, and Introduction to a Cancer Protocol

Introduction to Mederi Care Therapeutics: Exploring the Therapeutic Toolboxes

Content: 12 hours of presentations 
Time to Complete: 25-30 hours of total coursework 
Cost: $1000 

This course covers what we call the Six Therapeutic Toolboxes, which are the wide range of therapies used in Mederi Care. These six therapeutics are botanical medicine, clinical nutrition, diet, lifestyle, pharmaceuticals, and spiritual care. The course material explores each of the toolboxes individually, while elucidating the importance of combining all of the therapeutic toolboxes into a comprehensive strategy for enhancing health and resisting disease.  

Course Sections: 

  • Botanical Medicine Fundamentals: The Soul of Mederi Care Therapeutics   
  • Foundations of Plant and Fungal Biology in Herbal Medicine 
  • Foundations of Nutrition 
  • Diet and Lifestyle for Chronic Disease 
  • ETMS Therapeutics: From Food to Nutrition to Botanical Medicine 
  • The Five Toolboxes 
  • The Sixth Toolbox - Spirituality and Spiritual Care in Collaborative Oncology 
  • Using the 6 Toolboxes to Enhance Host Health and Resist Disease

The Microenvironment: Genetic, Molecular, and Cellular Analysis

Content: 10 hours of presentations 
Time to Complete: 20-25 hours of total coursework 
Cost: $1000 

Mederi Care case assessment includes a deep and thorough evaluation of the internal biological terrain of each individual. This course provides a thorough overview of the tests used in Mederi Care for assessment of the individual at the genetic, molecular, and cellular levels. It also delves deeply into the relationship between the endocrine system and its primary hormone pathways, as well as their relationship to aging, health, and disease.  

Course Sections: 

  • Foundations of Cell Biology  
  • The Microenvironment and Disease 
  • The ETMS Lens and Lab Testing - relevant tests and interpretation  
  • Inflammatory Pathways and Testing  
  • Coagulation Pathways and Testing  
  • Nutrient Testing  
  • Genetic Testing 
  • The Endocrine System, Hormone Pathways and Testing: Relationship to Health, Hormone Resistance, Aging, and Disease  
  • Cancer and the Microenvironment - The Host and Tumor Microenvironment Relationship

Cancer, The Disease of Our Time: From Traditional Principles to Genetic Signatures and Molecular Markers

Content: 8 hours of presentations 
Time to Complete: 12-18 hours of total coursework 
Cost: $800 

From the earliest human records of tumors, cancer has played a significant role in human health and disease. This course reviews the evolution of our understanding of cancer from antiquity to the modern day - from the earliest naming conventions to modern day tumor genetics. With a specific emphasis on the role of botanical medicine, this course reviews key genes and pathways that are important targets for Mederi Care therapeutics. The relevance of specific tumor markers, as well as biological terrain markers are reviewed in the context of specific cancers, with special attention given to the most common cancers seen in the modern clinic.  

Course Sections: 

  • Cancer in Medicine: Causes and Natural History  
    • Earliest cancers 
    • Definitions and naming 
    • Causative agents 
    • The terrain and permissivity 
    • Influential minds and strategies 
    • Cancer in TCM 

The section above reviews the primary causes of cancer, from stress and toxins to microbial pathogens, and the role of the terrain in the prevention, inhibition, or promotion of cancer in the body. We also review some of the brilliant minds that have been influential in developing many of the therapeutic strategies employed in Mederi Care today. 

  • Cancer Genetics and Botanical Medicine  
    • Fundamentals of cancer genetics  
    • Targeting key genes and pathways with botanical medicine 
  • Understanding the Role of Tumor Markers in Disease Assessment  
    • Specificity, applications, and limitations 
  • Evaluating Biological Terrain Markers for Common Cancers (Breast, Prostate, Lung, and Colon): Putting Together the Pieces 

Cancer Biomechanics and Influence on the Microenvironment

Content: 8 hours of presentations 
Time to Complete: 15-20 hours of total coursework 
Cost: $800

This course investigates key aspects of the biomechanics and biochemistry of cancer. These areas include cancer metabolism, the Warburg Effect, the role of glucose and insulin, lactic acid and tumor acidity, hypoxia, hypercoagulation, fibrosis, and angiogenesis, and how to target these areas with botanical medicine. It explores the many ways that cancer manipulates the microenvironment to further its own growth, invasion, angiogenesis, and metastasis. The course also provides a deep look at the role of cancer stem cells, and how to target them with Mederi Care therapeutics.   

Course Sections:

  • Cancer Metabolism 101: Metabolic Reprogramming and Herbal Medicine  
    • Metabolic alterations in cancer 
    • Glycolysis, Lactic acid, and the Warburg Effect 
    • Oxidative phosphorylation 
    • Herbal interference 
  • Insulin Resistance, Leptin, and Cancer 
  • The Role of Hypoxia in Cancer 
    • Hypoxia inducible factors (HIF’s) 
    • Heat Shock Proteins 
    • Botanicals agents for tissue oxygenation 
  • Tumor Acidity, Lactic Acid and the Role of Bicarbonate in Modulating the Tumor Microenvironment  
    • Immune enhancing effects of tumor microenvironment alkalization 
    • Bicarbonate and therapeutic synergy 
  • Targeting Hypercoagulation in Cancer: Markers, Pathways, and Strategies 
    • The fibrinolytic system, cancer, and thrombosis 
    • Botanical agents for removing blood stasis 
    • Hypercoagulation and angiogenesis 
  • Targeting Angiogenesis with Integrative Cancer Therapies  
    • Botanical agents for inhibiting angiogenesis, tumor progression and metastasis 
  • Cell Adhesion Molecules and Galectin-3 in Cancer 
  • Botanical Medicine Targeting Cancer Stem Cells 



Without the work I've done with Donnie, without the Mederi Care approach, without all the support that I've had over all these years, there's no way I could do the work I do... of being able to be a central hub to unite healthcare providers into a fully connected, communicating unified team... to be able to provide for my patients the most profound results spiritually, emotionally, physically... to significantly improve quality of life, longevity, and to also help bring a lot of meaning and purpose to the whole experience of health and healing.      ~ Dr. Jason Miller, Head of Faculty and Content Development

“I attended a combined 7 years of naturopathic and Chinese medical school, and I can honestly say that nowhere in that education did I encounter such a coherent, thoughtful, elegant, and heartfelt approach to the restoration of health and the treatment of cancer and other serious illness. I believe the Mederi Care/ETMS paradigm truly represents both the future and the best of medicine. Never before had I learned a system that’s at once so soundly based in physiology, endowed with genuinely effective treatment tools, and blessed with heart and recognition of the spiritual dimensions of healing. Mederi Care has changed how I practice and has significantly improved the kind of results I see with my patients on a daily basis.”    ~ Dr. Mark Bricca, Naturopathic Physician and founder of Bodhicitta Healing Arts Clinic, Bend, OR

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