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Round Table Discussion Group

Round Table Discussion

Mederi Care® / ETMS Round Table Discussion Group (RTDG) and Information Resource Network

Faculty: Donnie Yance, CN, MH, RH (AHG) and Dr. Dwight McKee, Integrative Oncologist

Mederi’s RTDG and Information Resource Network provides continuing education / post training in ETMS/Mederi Care exclusively to Mederi’s Clinical Training Program alumni and Mederi Academy practitioner students.

Details and Benefits of Participation:

Monthly Teleconference – On select Thursdays throughout the year, practitioners have the opportunity to present cases for in-depth review and discussion with Mederi’s faculty. Cases are presented to the group using the ETMS/Mederi Care case submission template, including any relevant test results. Cases are limited to 2-3 per session, one case per practitioner, in the order they are received.

ETMS Network - Members receive numerous research articles and papers weekly via Mederi’s ETMS email. This private on-line forum also makes it easy to connect and share with other colleagues who are part of the core ETMS practitioner community.

This has been the most fruitful Integrative Cancer educational forum ever…great contributions, amazing exchange of information. I greatly appreciate the amazing efforts and constructive exchange in the field of Integrative Cancer therapies. Thank you so much Dwight for your great coaching, thank you Donnie for presiding this forum, I also thank every facilitator, and all the great colleagues and contributors... and the patients our great teachers.” – Dalal Akoury, MD

Group Association – Members of the group benefit from the opportunity to interact and dialog with Mederi’s faculty and colleagues with diverse backgrounds and expertise for ongoing collegiate-like support with patient care.

Summary - In 2024 Mederi RTDG will convene five times this year for 75 minutes each session to review and discuss the management of complex patient cases focusing on, but not limited to oncology. Key discussion areas include issues on accurate diagnostic assessment and review of lab results and imaging findings. Treatment guidelines focus heavily on lifestyle interventions, together with nutritional and botanical (both Eastern and Western) therapeutics. The aim is to foster excellence in collaborative cancer care among group participants, as well as to provide a resource for discussion and management of practitioners’ most challenging cases.

Two to three cases are presented each session by RTDG practitioner members, having been prepared and researched beforehand. Following each meeting, research in the form of relevant papers and abstracts is sent to group members who may wish to study further the material discussed.

Mederi Round Table Discussion Participation - Alumni of Mederi Academy courses and former Clinical Training Programs are invited to join the Mederi Round Table. They will also receive research articles and papers and can participate in the discussion.  

Cost for *LIVE* Round Table sessions with Donnie Yance, CN, RH (AHG) and/or Dr. Dwight McKee:  $375

If you are interested in signing up for the Round Table Discussion Group, please contact Melissa at

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I am thankful to be part of a national collaborative group of integrative oncologists and medical doctors, naturopathic physicians, acupuncturists, nutritionists, and herbalists who regularly communicate about challenging cases by email almost daily, and talk once a month on conference calls about difficult cases. All this is so helpful because I learn how to think better about my patients, their terrain, and the specifics of their cancer, and how to weave together effective programs for them. I have witnessed so many of the people who come to me for help with their cancers improve when I follow the (Mederi Care) ETMS principles and practices. ~ Robert Zieve, MD , Medical Director, Partners in Integrative Cancer Therapies, Prescott, AZ

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