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Event Calendar

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September 2020

LIVE Video and Q&A: How To Prevent a Cancer Recurrence with Dr. Pamela Plank

One of the scarier words we can hear in relation to ourselves or a loved one is cancer, second of which is recurrence. As a Naturopathic Physician that has focused on supportive cancer care for over a decade, I am often asked by patients “why has this cancer returned?” or alternately, “how do I keep this cancer from coming back?”. During this talk, I will discuss the role of cancer stem cells or “cancer seeds”, why chemotherapy and radiation don't always work to address cancer stem cells, and how our botanical medicines do by inhibiting their growth and targeting several cancer-promoting pathways like inflammation. This short talk will conclude with a Q&A, so come with your questions! Hope to see you!

Join the Zoom meeting at 11 AM on September 24th:

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