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Mederi Education Overview

Since 2005, Mederi has provided onsite and online clinical training, ongoing education, workshops, educational resources, real-time forums/information exchange/discussion groups, and more to participants from all over the world.   

To date, we’ve trained nearly 200 healthcare practitioners to successfully manage a myriad of health conditions by applying Mederi Medicine / ETMS™.

The Mederi Center has typically admitted up to 20 healthcare practitioners for its clinical training programs each year to those who are committed to providing comprehensive care in the field of integrative (collaborative) medicine, specifically with an interest in the Eclectic Triphasic Medical System (ETMS).

The training emphasized advanced clinical applications of botanical, nutritional, and biological medicine principles within a multifaceted framework in order to successfully execute health-building interventions for enhancing patient vitality and lifespan. Participants have come from around the world, and include medical doctors, oncologists, naturopaths, acupuncturists and other healthcare practitioners. Graduates of our training program have the benefit of continuing education/post training in the ETMS through our Round Table Discussion Group. Members of the group benefit from the opportunity to interact and dialog with Mederi’s faculty and colleagues with diverse backgrounds and expertise for ongoing collegiate-like support with patient care.

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Coming Soon: Mederi Academy Launching by Summer of 2020

We recognize the need to have more clinical healthcare professionals trained in Mederi Medicine so that we can increase our reach in effectively treating those living with cancer and other serious chronic illnesses. Therefore, we will be expanding our training programs to an e-learning platform.

Online education and educational technology are here to stay and this learning modality provides easy access, flexibility, affordability, and inclusion for working healthcare professionals and the evolving growing higher education population.

Our vision is to expand our Clinical Training Programs to have an even greater impact in our communities and in the field of complementary, integrative, and wholistic medicine. Development plans are in the works for an online Academy that will offer a 2-year course in Mederi Medicine, which will provide accreditation for practitioners to ensure certain standards are met upon completion of the course. Modules will also be incorporated into medical institutions so that our future allopathic healthcare providers have the opportunity to learn and appreciate the true art and science of wholistic medicine.

We also plan on continuing our partnership with Ohio State University to complete our first clinical trial in Stage IV breast cancer and to complete other research studies already underway.

Additionally, we will continue to serve as a trusted source for the latest research, clinical trials, and relevant news and information from around the world for our colleagues.

In the future, we will do more research and publishing, and expand our patient care services at Mederi Center so that we can establish a model for other wholistic centers around the country.

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