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    Mederi Partner Spotlight

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We provide a whole-systems, integrative approach to cancer, chronic illness, and lifelong wellness.
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"I have now been cancer free for 17 years thanks to Donnie and his integrative approach with my allopathic physicians"



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Medicinal mushrooms offer a broad range of pharmacological and nutritional benefits to health.

If you’ve struggled to lose weight and found it challenging to maintain it, you can blame it on evolution. The human body’s evolutionary response has evolved to tenaciously hold on to extra pounds. This bodily phenomenon makes weight loss challenging for many people and even more difficult to keep the weight off long-term. In this article, I will address a possible solution to this challenge by providing you with some guiding principles for healthy eating.

Mitochondria, the “powerhouses” of our cells, are fundamental to life and health. Diet and nutrition, healthy sleep habits, exercise, and select supplements can help support mitochondrial function.

View a remarkable story of strength and hope as we follow a client's journey of healing with the Mederi Center.

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